Doggie Daycare

Here’s the scene…
You’re ready to rush out the door for another busy day, but you take just a moment to say bye-bye to your pooch. And he looks at you with those big sad eyes. Or she cocks her head in that endearing way. And you can almost hear…

“Do you really have to leave again? It’s so lonely and boring when you’re gone. I suppose I could chew on your shoes, dig up the plants – or torment the cat. And there’s always napping. Sigh. When will you be home?”

Your dog never has to howl the blues when you’re away from home if you sign up for doggy daycare at Bangor Pet Resort & Spa. We make sure all our daycare guests have fun and stay busy. And it’s only $22 a day!

On Retreat with the Pups

7:30… Our doors open for the day.
7:30 – 5:30… Its free playtime ALL DAY
5:30… Our doors close for the day.

These hours aren’t conducive to your schedule? We are proud to offer means to pick up and/or drop off your pooches before we open and/or after we close. This “Courtesy Access” feature is simple, free, and can eliminate a lot of extra stress and hassle of time constraints and ‘life’.

The Playroom

Daycare dogs get plenty of room to roam in our 2500 square foot playroom complete with ten skylights, four ceiling fans to keep the air moving, and radiant heat to keep their tootsies warm.

And at Bangor Pet Resort & Spa, the dogs are always supervised.



Half Day

  • One Dog: $18
  • Two Dogs: $27

Full Day

  • One Dog: $25
  • Two Dogs: $38

In good company

  •  As pack animals, dogs really love company. And since they don’t travel in packs anymore, you’re it. That’s why – when you’re away – they may suffer from separation anxiety. The perfect solution? Doggy daycare… where your pup will get to socialize with all kinds of dogs and humans too.