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Let us pamper your pet!

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Let us pamper your pet.
We say it all the time, but what exactly does it mean? A lot!

Dog GroomingAt Bangor Pet Resort & Spa, our four-legged clients get very special treatment. Offering so much more than a shampoo and a trim, our certified groomers spend anywhere from forty-five minutes to four hours with your pet. And they manage three stages of grooming – despite all the wiggling and bathroom breaks – while performing more than 30 tasks.

Stage One: The Rough-Out

  • Thoroughly brush out and comb through the coat, removing mats as necessary.
  • Clip, trim, and thin the coat.
  • Assess the condition of the skin and coat, examining for growths, fleas, ticks,
    and other abnormalities.
  • Cut toenails.
  • Clean ears and pluck ear hairs.

Stage Two: The Shampoo & Dry 

  • Express anal glands to relieve discomfort and prevent infection.
  • Apply a citrus-based flea shampoo and allow it to soak in.
  • Shampoo, condition, and rinse – a second time – gently working in the rich lather from a high quality shampoo with a curry brush.
  • Dry the coat – at first with a high velocity blower and a towel, then with a blow dryer
    and brush or an air mover.

dog 7Stage Three: The Finishing Groom
Your pet is...

  • Thoroughly brushed and combed one more time.
  • Clipped and scissor cut as necessary to finish the look.
  • Spritzed with cologne or perfume and, on request, adorned with bows and ribbons.
  • Collared to await your arrival. (Fabric collars are washed during the day so your fresh clean pet also has a fresh, clean collar.)
  • Looked over and touched up – if necessary – when you arrive.

Of course, every grooming depends on the breed, the coat, and the desired cut.



Basic = Brush/comb out, shampoo, condition, rinse, and dry.
Clip/Trim = Electric razor, scissor cut, or combination.
Pattern = Specialized grooming practices (like a poodle’s puff ball ankles or a cocker spaniel’s skirt).
view dog grooming rates

Long-haired cat $45-80+

Short-haired cat $45+

Ferret $30
Guinea pig $30
Rabbit $30

À la carte grooming services...

  • nail clip: $5-10
  • nail polishing (front nails only): $7
  • after-bath hot oil treatment for the coat: $7
  • ear pluck/cleaning: $7
  • express anal glands: $10

  • nail clip: $5-10
  • nail polishing: $10
  • sanitary trim: $20

Beyond the call of duty
Grooming an animal is a labor of love. People who choose careers in pet grooming certainly deserve respect. Even when they work with unwilling, uncooperative clients (who might claw, or hiss, or bite) they’re patient and kind – and they care about their clients.

Get up close and personal
Most pets have some sensitive spots that they don’t want touched – let alone combed, shaved, or clipped. Owners can help by handling their pets all over, especially around the face and ears, the tail and rump, and the pads of the feet. If your pet doesn’t like you touching her, just imagine how she reacts to us doing it.

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